Kenneth T. Rybarczyk Memorial Bridge Contest

Each year, ABCD sponsors multiple balsa wood model bridge contests throughout the Western New York area.  Each contest is open to all middle or high school students who would like to participate.  

Entries are scored based on a very specific set of evaluation criteria and trophies are awarded to the top finishers.

Registration Rules

Each team wishing to participate must submit a registration form prior to the event.   The registration must contain the name of the person(s) responsible for the design and construction of the bridge.  If there is more than one participant responsible for the design and/or construction of the model, all names shall appear on the entry form. A student (or group of students) may enter only one bridge. No student can be a member of more than one group, nor can a student enter as an individual for one bridge and part of a group for another bridge. No student or group can compete in more than one contest in a given year (i.e. If a student enters the Buffalo Area Contest, they cannot compete in the Rochester Area Contest). The entry certificate shall clearly state the name of the school attended by the participant(s).

Registrations must be received one week prior to the date of the competition.

Check out the Events page for more details about the regional bridge contests!