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2023 ABCD WNY Scholarship Winners

We annually award scholarships to students pursuing a degree in a civil or structural engineering program. For those pursuing a bachelor’s degree, there is a $3000 scholarship funded by the chapter and a $6000 Philip F. Frandina Memorial Scholarship jointly funded by the chapter and an endowment set up by Phil Frandina.

This year, we were very pleased to receive 12 applicants, 6 of whom met the qualifications for the Frandina scholarship.

The winner of this year’s $6000 Philip F. Frandina Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship is Paul Sofinski. Paul is from Webster (east of Rochester) and is attending the University at Buffalo, pursuing his degree in Civil Engineering (May 2025).

Due to there being no 2-year applicants this year, and due to the difficulty in choosing between the top 2, this year ABCD is awarding (2) $3000 scholarships to 4-year programs. The winners of this year’s (2) $3000 ABCD of WNY scholarships are Joshua and Benjamin Cardamone. The Cardamones are from Lewiston (north of Niagara Falls) and are attending the University at Buffalo, pursuing degrees in Civil Engineering (May 2024).

Ben (Left) and Josh (Right) being recognized at the 2023 ABCD Fall Conference

Applicants showed a wide range of diversity and backgrounds (several female applicants broke the mold of engineering being a “guy’s club”- thank you ladies!). Applicants attend school at UB, SU, RIT, and Cornell. The Scholarship Committee had a tough time selecting the winner this year, as all applicants exhibited excellent grades, high recommendations by faculty and personal references, deep interest in pursuing civil engineering, and active engagement in clubs and in their communities.

Thank you to all of our members who help fund these scholarships by being active members and by attending our annual Golf Tournament. This wouldn’t be possible without you!



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